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The Right To Operate A Clean Energy Vehicle

Statement Supporting the RTOCEVE

I\we < name of employer\labour organization\individual > support a labour led climate movement based on the principles that;

  • Workers should have a right to a healthy work environment free from exposure to the toxic fossil fuels and emissions associated with internal combustion engine vehicles and equipment, when a clean energy solution for their workplace exists.  These fuels and emissions are known to be harmful to human health. Workplace changes, like prohibitions against second hand smoke and e-vapour from a work environment due to their harmful health effects, have set a clear precedence for this. 

  • Workers should have a right to not cause harm to themselves and future generations by exacerbating the climate crisis through the burning of fossil fuels at work when a clean energy solution exists.

  • A worker who desires to make a clean energy vehicle succeed in their job capacity, and willing to adjust their work practices to accommodate a potentially smaller vehicle with a shorter range, is a great asset for a fleet operator who is looking to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and incur cost savings in the process.   A worker who is willing to make adjustments in their work practices to accommodate the use of clean energy equipment in their work should similarly be viewed as an asset. These assets should not be disused during a climate crisis. 


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