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Resolution on Transitioning Current Superintendent Fleet to Zero Emissions

This resolution requests that the employer assure all new vehicle purchases or leases for superintendent vehicles are for electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. There are many long-range EVs that are capable of travelling close to 400km on a single charge and are available at a similar price point to the Dodge Chargers that Superintendents drive today.

Dodge Charger MSRP of $36,095 CAD

Dodge Charger - MRSP of $36,095

Dodge Charger MRSP of $36,095

Chevrolet Bolt - MRSP of $43,195 - $5000 Incentive = $37,195

As electric cars are 75% cheaper to fuel and 30% cheaper to maintain, the economical incentive for replacing Staff vehicles with EVs is easy math. The environmental and climate rewards of this transition make the decision to move towards EVs even more obvious.

Here is the wording of the resolution.

Transitioning Current Superintendent Fleet to Zero Emissions


  • The scientific consensus is that the Earth's climate system is unequivocally warming, and that it is extremely likely (i.e., >95% probability) that this warming is predominantly human caused.

And whereas

  • It is estimated by Environment and Climate Change Canada that the transportation sector makes up 24% of our greenhouse gas emissions

And whereas

  • The cost to power a vehicle with electricity is 25% of the cost to power a vehicle with gas, and that the cost of maintaining an electric vehicle is 70% of maintaining a gas-powered vehicle.

And whereas

  • The gas-powered vehicles used by superintendents could be replaced with affordable mass market EVs, without any concern of impeding their work.

And whereas

  • New long range electric vehicles and plug in hybrid vehicles are now available for a similar or lesser price than that of the existing superintendent vehicles, once the government incentive for electric vehicles is taken into consideration.

Let it be resolved that

  • CUPE 873 will lobby the employer to commit to ensuring that all new leases or purchases for superintendent vehicles be for zero-emission vehicles or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

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