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Paramedics Repeat the Call for Electric Vehicles! This time for Personal Response Vehicles.

Paramedic and EACCC Chairperson David Hollingworth, delivering a Tesla Model X to be displayed at the 2018 APBC Convention.

The Ambulance Paramedics of BC 2018 Convention was held in Richmond over October 2-3. The APBC Environmental Awareness and Climate Change Committee ( EACCC ) is proud to report that delegates voted 86% in favour of a resolution that demonstrates BC's paramedics want to participate in a trial of an electric powered Personal Response Unit ( PRU ). PRUs are typically gas powered SUV style vehicles that are operated by a single highly trained paramedic. The resolution outlines that BC's paramedics support the trial of a PHEV or EV in this role. To assist convention delegates in making an informed decision, the EACCC arranged for a Tesla Model X and a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV to be on display at convention for paramedics to peruse. A trial of the Mitisubishi Outlander has already been underway for two years in the United Kindom. The EACCC hopes that this show of support from paramedics combined with a similar interest within BCEHS management, will bring the first trial of this kind to Canada.


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